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Poles without hardware(Spares)
To order: Specify Type: round/ractangle and Length 4/6/8/10/12

  Fiberglass pole with a wood plug in the tool end and a vinyl cap on the bottom. Yellow has been our standard professional grade pole for years. It is non-conductive.  Round poles are slightly lighter than our rectangular poles. Round poles are also a little more comfortable to hold. All the tool heads we sell will fit this pole.

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Aluminum Connector Set for Blue Poles
Item No: P136

   Aluminum Sleeve & Ferrule Set for Blue Poles. New , lightweight but strong aluminum connector set for our new Blue fiberglass poles. This set comes complete with spring.


Brass Sleeve & Ferrule Assembly Round
Item No: P146

   Brass Sleeve & Ferrule Assembly for round poles A complete brass sleeve and ferrule set for Yellow round poles. Our polished, special hardened brass connectors are stronger than aluminum connectors and will not corrode or gall. If not abused, they will last a lot longer, too. This set comes complete with flat spring and hardware. The flat spring is replaceable and can be ordered by #P156-4.


Brass Sleeve & Ferrule Set, Rectangular
Item No: P156  

 Brass Sleeve & Ferrule Set for Rectangular Poles. This is a complete sleeve and ferrule set for Rectangular poles. Our polished, hardened brass pole connectors do not corrode or gall. If not abused, they will wear very well for a long time. This set comes complete with a flat spring and hardware. Replacement flat springs can be ordered by #P156-4.


Pruner Safety Cover, Canvas
Item No: C1

   This inexpensive canvas cover protects your sharp pruner blade and keeps your pruner clean.


Pole Saw Scabbard 16" Leather
Item No: 111-16

  Natural leather scabbard for pole saw. Scabbards protect saw teeth from dulling or damage when the saw is not in use. They also protect your other equipment (or you!) from being accidentally cut by the extra sharp teeth of our razor-cut pole saw blades. The scabbard can be fastened in place by an adjustable strap and buckle. This scabbard is designed with sturdy stitch and rivet construction and large cleanout holes for removing debris.


Wire Raising Tool
Item No: LC65-025

   This tool is designed for lifting or maneuvering wires, cables, ropes etc. The wire raising tool head snaps easily into the sleeve of either Yellow or Blue nonconductive round fiberglass pole handles. CAUTION: Fiberglass poles must be kept clean and dry to retain non-conductive properties.

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