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File for Saw HSF-0132702

  File, Cant Saw Cut-Back Nicholson
Item No: HSF-01327  

     Cant Saw File with file teeth on back for sharpening our stamped tooth saws. Sharpening your own blades can save you money. This file will work on the Bartlett HS134 and HS137 series saws or on a stamped tooth pole saw blade. They will not work on Razor-Cut, Tri-Cut or Bi-Cut teeth however. A file for those saws may be available soon.

Folding Saw

   Folding Tri-Cut Tree/Garden Saw
Item No: HS-106 

   Folding Saw with Tri-Cut blade, a very handy little saw with a bigger saw's heart. This professional grade tool is designed for precision work. It features a 6" long, 7ppi Tri-Cut blade that is extremely sharp, smooth and rapid cutting. The blade is also replaceable. The safety lock helps prevent accidental closing. Very light in weight, stiff construction with a comfortable plastic handle. This durable saw is designed for heavy use.

Optional Accessory:

 Nylon Pouch for #HS-106 Folding Saw. This sturdy, lightweight pouch slips over a regular belt to keep your folding saw handy.

see pic on the right.

Bartlett Professional Saw

HS137-26capt02112-27 0322" Utility Saw
Item No: HS137-22   

     HS137 Bartlett Utility Saw with polished blade and laminated hardwood closed handle. The Bartlett Utility Saw has been a popular choice among arborists for years. It is an excellent choice for clean and easy removal of branches. This saw is available in three lengths: 22", 24" and 26". This saw features a curved blade of stiff saw steel with stamped and raked teeth, 5 points per inch. Blade can be easily resharpened. Scabbards available for this saw include #112-25, #111-25 and #122-25.

Optional Accesories:

 #112-27 Belted rubber saw scabbard for 22" to 27" curved saws.  A strong ring on the back of the scabbard permits easy attachment to your climbing saddle. This scabbard is sturdy and stiff for one-handed insertion or removal of your saw. Enlarged front cleanout holes near the bottom prevent buildup of debris. A left-handed version of this scabbbard is also available - just contact us

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