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L-Pads, Pair
Item No: CL-3122

These are standard climbers equipment.



Leather top straps 22", Pair
Item No: CL-5301-22

Climber straps are available as replacements or to custom design your own climber set. All our straps are well crafted and strong and are as good or better than the original equipment straps that come with a new climber set. Leather or neoprene? Leather is the traditional climber strap material. With repeated use it "breaks in" and conforms to the wearer's leg making it comfortable to wear. The disadvantage to leather is that it can stretch, rot and/or break when exposed to wetting and drying cycles. Leather straps should be carefully inspected before each use. Neoprene will last longer. It is not affected by moisture to the extent that leather is. It is a little more costly than leather and the disadvantage to neoprene is that it does not conform to the wearer's leg as well as leather does. Overall, we think neoprene is a better and safer choice because of its durability.


Permanent Gaff Tree Climbers w/Split Ring
Item No: CL-81429R

Permanent Gaff Tree Climbers with Split-ring bottom straps for a good fit. This is a complete set with welded 3 /12" steel tree gaffs, straps, pads, fastening screws - and instructions! Buckingham has been building climbers since 1896 for professional arborists. All climbers and gaffs are inspected and samples from each lot are thoroughly tested by the manufacturer to assure safety for the user


Descender, Classic 8 Aluminum
Item No: K805-03

This descender is a lightweight and indispensable tool for controlling your descent from a tree. Made of aluminum so that it dissipates heat quickly, thereby preventing wear on your climbing rope. Weight: 8.6 oz. MBS: 7,800 lbs.


Steel Ring Friction Savers, 48"
Item No: KCR-WA48

These handy straps have been designed for the purpose of minimizing friction on your climbing line and thus saving your valuable rope from excessive wear, as well as the tree. Also used as a false crotch.


Micropulley Set with Snap
Item No: KRP-110SET

This set includes the popular CMI Micropulley and a bronze swivel snap. The micropulley has an MBS of 7,000 lbs. and fits ropes up to 1/2" diameter. It can be used for a slack tender or fair lead, or as part of a split-tail system. The side plates are aluminum and the sheave is mounted on a sealed and lubricated bronze bushing on a stainless steel axle for long life. Assembled Weight: 5 oz.


Split Tail 1/2" x 4' 16 Strand, Blue and White
Item No: SPLIT-38STB

Standard Split Tail.

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