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Tear Away Bungee Lanyard

The Tear-Away bungee style lanyard is new. It's elastic properties eliminate excess strap when you don't need it, yet it will stretch a full arm's length when you are using your chainsaw. In addition, it has a break-away feature that keeps the saw from pulling you off your perch if the saw jams.

To order:

-Item No: ST-25B12-48A (48 ft. and black)
-Item No: ST-25B12-50A (50 ft. black)
-Item No: ST-25Y12-48A (48 ft. Yellow)


Chainsaw Strap w/swivel snap, 15" - POPULAR CHOICE

This is a handy short lanyard for keeping your chainsaw securely close at hand. Simply slide loop through you chainsaw handle, slip the snap end through the loop, and attach the snap to your saddle.

To order:

-Item No: ST-98211 (15 ft)
-Item No: ST-98212 (10 ft)
-Item No: ST-98213 (13 ft)


Chainsaw Strap with snap and ring, 42" - POPULAR CHOICE 

 42" Chainsaw strap with a swivel snap, loop end and ring. The loop end wraps around the handle of your saw and the snap and ring attach to your saddle's utility ring. This keeps your saw close at hand. Merely unsnap the strap's ring when you want to use the saw or if you want to let it hang below your feet.

To order:

-Item No: ST-98219 (42 ft)

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