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 The TREE CLIMBER'S KNOT BOOK by Dirk Lingens.
German arborist and self-confessed "knot junkie", Dirk Lingens, has collected and recorded knots common in arboriculture use. In addition he has added the new, exotic and uncommon knots, some of which are published here for the first time. Where else can you find a Distel hitch compared to a Schwabian Prusik? Also, you'll learn more about the knots you already know. Lingens' comparisons of similar knots and application recommendations are particularly helpful.
This book is essential for the tree climbing or rigging arborist and useful for anyone else with an interest in knots.
Soft cover, 88 pages.

Item no. Book-Knots2


By E. Thomas Smiley and Sharon Lilly. This book is the companion publication to the ANSI A300 standard. It describes and illustrates current cabling, bracing and guying techniques and hardware that meet the ANSI A300 standard.

Item no. Book-CA1



By Duane Raleigh. This book is written for mountain and rock climbing; yet many of the knots and techniques shown here are also applicable to tree work. Excellent, clear line art illustrations throughout. This is an inexpensive but valuable handbook for anyone who wants to learn about knots.

Item no: Book-KNOTS1



This handy and inexpensive manual by Jeff Jepson should be included in every arborist's tool kit. It contains straightforward instructions and tips on current climbing techniques, rope care and handling, various knots, sling use and much more. The step-by step line art illustrations by Bryan Kotwica are clear and easy to follow. 52 pages plus blank pages at the back for notes, 5.5" x 8.5", softcover only.

Item no. Book-TR1



Single video from "CLIMBING TECHNIQUES" set. Reviews and compares seat, leg-strap and floating dee style climbing saddles. Demonstrates use of micropulleys, split-tail systems, and redirects.

Item # Video-2A


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