Ascenders and Adjusters

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Model No. ASC-B17L (left hand)

                 ASC-B17R (Right hand)
This ascender handle easily clamps onto a rope up to 1/2" diameter. Elastomer grips provide thermal insulation and are ergonomically designed. Open the spring loaded cam to install on the rope. Lower holes are included for a safety cord, lanyard or foot loop. Fit a carabiner through the upper hole and around your climbing line when self-belaying. Left handle is color coded GOLD for quick identification. Right handle are coded BLUE.


MACROJUSTER up to 5/8" rope
Model No. ASC-B52

"Rope Grab" Macrojuster, fits 9/16" to 5/8" rope or flipline. Pivot pin is secured with a lock nut that won't accidentally come undone. Strong, light in weight and easy to use. Made in USA by Petzl. Weight of microjuster: 12.1 oz.; CE EN567


Foot Ascender
Model No. ASC-B02


Petzl's PANTIN is an adjustable rope grab ascender that mounts snugly on your boot. It's so light in weight, you'll hardly know it's there. Use this with other climbing aids such as a prusik or a handled ascender (#ASC-B17L or #ASC-B17R). Grips even on wet or icy rope.


FOOTPRO Footloop
Model no. ASC-C49

FOOTPRO adjustable foot loop features a reinforced stirrup and is made especially for use the #ASC-B17 Ascender Handle. Clip the Delta quick link (included) through the bottom hole of the ascender handle. The FOOTPRO moves up the rope with the ascender handle, giving you a secure step.


Macrojuster, 5/8" w/Fast Pin
Model No. ASC-RDG58

"Rope Grab" Microjuster, fits up to 5/8" rope. Features a quick-release pin with an "R" clip retainer pin. The body is hardened aluminum for longevity and includes cable safety-ties so you can't lose the parts.


Model No.  K1610

Stainless steel twisted clevis has a 5/8" opening that fits the eye of ASC-B53 and ASC-B54 microjusters. CAUTION: TIGHTEN WITH A WRENCH when using for personal support. Weight: 2.5 oz. WLL: 1,380 LBS.


SWIVEL, Stainless Steel
Model # K4910

Stainless steel swivel with 5/16" pin. Overall length is 3.5", eye diameter is 9/16". WEIGHT: 5 oz.; WLL: 1,000 lbs.


SWIVEL, standard
Model # KP-58

This beautifully made swivel from Petzl is just what you need to keep your rope or lanyard from twisting when the load rotates. MBS: 8,900 lbs.; WLL: 1100 LBS.


SWIVEL CLEVIS w/ 5/16" pins
Model # K4810


Stainless steel double clevis has a 5/8" opening that will fit #ASC-B53 and #ASC-B54 microjusters. CAUTION: TIGHTEN PINS SECURELY WITH PLIERS OR A WRENCH when using this equipment for personal support. Weight: 5.6 oz.; WLL: 1,000 LBS.

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